Hello Europe State Award 2017

Hello Europe State Award 2017

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I have always felt strange about award ceremonies. Don’t get me wrong. It is not that I’ve been handed over so many awards in my life. And it is also not that this is of great importance to me. But the place where awards are usually conferred is often a strange place. It’s that spot where the formal catches all informal in an attempt of highest authority.

Anyway, this should be a rather short post – so I stop thinking. Yesterday, a project I am part of was awarded the Europe State Award 2017. That is simply incredible. I was responsible for the conceptual design and the strategic orientation, design management, and had the lead on its visual language. It is great to work on stuff that creates the novel. And it even better when other people also think that that stuff valuable.

Never expected to be part of a project that can call itself ‘Staatspreisträger’.

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