Photo Story: A Fishing Vessel in Norway

This photo series was shot in Norway around December when I was doing some research in the maritime sector.

A Fishing Vessel in Norway

Two young workers are monitoring the situation. They are observing a crane that heaves one tone after anther of frozen fish onto the pier.

A man handling the crane. The temperature is about minus 5 centigrades. To get all 60 tonnes of fish out on the waiting trucks it takes 5 hours.

The place where workers change their clothes. Here work gloves are cleaned, dried and stored.

The second lower deck is filled with a machine that processes the caught fish. It is about 25 meters long and 15 meters wide.

The fully automatic machine in the belly of the ship. It cuts off the fishes' heads, cleans their innards, and packages them in handy 15-kilogram boxes.

A hand-drawn circuit diagram. A used pair of shoes and a dirty towel found in the first lower deck.

This is the cold-storage-room. It is located and the third lower deck. The temperature is -40 centigrade. This storage room holds up to 50 tonnes of fish.

The engine room of the ship.

A man working in the engine room of the ship. His comment:' Don't get too close or fingers are gone.'

Some dead and frozen fish on the third lower deck.

A plan of the fishing vessel.