An Exploration in Aesthetics and Sexuality: ArtsBased Research

An Exploration in Aesthetics and Sexuality: ArtsBased Research

Filed-diary entry, 27.11.2013

I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to research more porn pic. How strange to call this research, it feels like an aesthetical disaster. So many gruesome pictures – and they all look the same. I don’t understand … there is such an unbreakable formal language of pornographic material. It nearly kills all eroticism. Where is phantasy?

This project is about sex. The exploration into what today I call ‘Simili’ started in 2013. Back then I decided that I wanted to demystify for myself, how pornographic manifestations of sexuality work. Pictures and videos with pornographic material already were commonly available and accessible over the Internet. I was a man in my twenties at that time, and of course, this grabbed my attention. Most material I found, however, seemed uttermost dull and apathetic, hostile against women and uninspiring. The visual language, the represented ideas seemed to be destructive fragments of a culture that finally rationalised sexuality itself.

Looking for a counter proposal, I felt more and more incapable of dealing with the material. I wanted to create something new, but not invent something novel. Therefore I used the very same pictures I found online. What you can see here is a projection of a photo on a human model. What grabbed my attention was the relationship that automatically became reality as soon as a human began to interact with the material.

So far the series holds about 30 pictures (1.6m to 1.6m photos) all collected in and a collage-catalogue that holds texts of reflections, the material found on the fly and the final artwork.